The GK VP service centre::

  • has extensive experience in routine maintenance and repair work;
  • possesses manufacturing and engineering facilities to solve problems of any complexity;
  • maintains well-established links with suppliers of spare parts;
  • guarantees high quality of its work, reasonable prices and suitable deadlines.

The GK VPK service centre provides the following services:

  • routine maintenance;
  • inspection and diagnostics;
  • warranty and post-warranty repair;
  • design and production of different parts and units;
  • prompt specialist’s visit;
  • technical consultation.

Maintenance and repair of the following equipment:

  • poker vibrators;
  • frequency converters;
  • asynchronous motors;
  • welding transformers;
  • different reduction gear boxes;
  • vibroplates, vibropilons;
  • pavement cutters;
  • mortar- and concrete mixing machine;
  • troweling machines;
  • diamond crowns reconditioning;
  • reinforcement bar cutting and bending machines.



If you have a need for repair and maintenance of equipment, please call: +7 (495) 674-62-63. The company’s technical specialists will carry out inspection and fix any problems, regardless of the brand and manufacturer.