Modern Volk Construction Equipment:

The Volk equipment is mainly used in concrete construction. It is produced under strict quality control at all stages of production. Each product undergoes thorough outgoing inspection. All machines and accessories are subject to 1-year warranty period (except elements, subjected to normal tear and wear).

Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine

The B-45 steel reinforcement bar bending machine is used to bend iron reinforcement bars with the diameter of up to 45 mm. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. It features possibility to change rotation speed of the work disk.

Reinforcement Bar Cutting Machine

The -45 machine is used to cut reinforcement bars with the diameter of up to 45 mm. All parts are protected by a steel cover. The machine is easy to operate and maintain.

Straightening and Cutting Machine

The SCM-14 straightening and cutting machine is used to straight and cut reinforcement bars with the diameter of up to 14 mm. High degree of automation and high reinforcement bar unwinding speed allows you to get straight bars of necessary length simply and quickly. Straightening does not result in the material’s strength degradation. This machine with high output is easy to operate and maintain.

Concrete Poker Vibrators

The Volk high-speed poker vibrator is used to consolidate concrete on the construction sites, at concrete goods production. It is connected to a converter. The vibrating tip and cover are made from alloy steel, which provides for a long operating period.


Frequency Converters

The frequency converters for connection of poker vibrators on the construction sites. . The converter is protected by a compact metal body. It is possible to connect several vibrators simultaneously.


Electronic Frequency Converter

The Raccoon electronic frequency converter is designed to reduce operating intensity of a poker vibrator from 220 V to 42 V and to increase current frequency from 50 Hz to 200 Hz. This conversion will increase output and operational safety.

Poker Vibrators with Built-In Converter

The vibrators with built-in converter are used for concrete consolidation. A built-in electrical converter removes the need to use a module conversion system. 

Direct-Action Liquid Fuel Thermal Heaters

High performance characteristics, output is close to 100 %. 


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