Bandimex banding systems are used for installation of:

- road signs;
- billboards, outdoor signs, plates, banners;
- wires, cables, insulators in electric networks, rail transport, subway, tram and trolleybus;
- insulation on pipe lines (heat pipelines) of drain and vent pipes;
- fences and fence grids;
- as clamps to fix flanges, fitters and other fixtures in flexible pipe lines, hose (including those of high pressure), sleeves;
- as bandages (adhesive bandages) for repair of pipe lines for various purposes;
- for packaging rolled steel, timber, harnessing and marking cables.

- lower price in comparison with traditional fastenings;
- can be used on supports of any size and configuration;
- maximum simplicity and easy installation;
- extended service life due to the use of materials made of stainless steel;
- more aesthetic look, they do not require painting;
- bolts, nuts, clamps and keys of different sizes are not required ;
- lock design complicates the unauthorized removal of fixed products;
- tightening binding band machine has almost unlimited service life.
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